All features in detail

Travel expense and receipt accounting
Travelling with intermediate destinations
Settle expenses without travel (individual receipt)
Comment field
All country flat rates
Meals per diems
Meals deduction
Accommodation packages
Statutory and individual kilometre allowances
Automatic route calculation and determination of the driven kilometers
Individual expense groups for meals and overnight per diems
Option to lump sum meals, overnight stays and kilometre allowances as a total invoice
Disclosure of income-related expenses
Salaried employees/self-employed
Multiple VAT rates on one document
Automatic document recognition (OCR)
Currency converter – Convert all currencies correctly to Euro on the date of the document

Application in English and German
PDF export in English and German
Show your own company logo in the reports
Sort and filter
Search by trip / receipt name, destination
Dashboard overview of recent trips, exports, status, messages and charts

Payment methods
Receipt types
Generate entertainment receipt automatically
Cost centres/cost units
Chart of accounts (SKR03/SKR04) or individual chart of accounts
Work in a team
Approval workflow

Access rights
Number of users13
Users can be added
Export all data in CSV format
Export bookings in DATEV format as CSV or XML with document images on request
Export in DATEV LODAS format
Export in DATEV Lohn und Gehalt format
Agenda LOHN export
BuchhaltungsButler export
Kontolino! Export
lexoffice export
sevdesk export
Employee import in CSV format
Employee import from DATEV Reisekosten classic
SSL encryption
All functions available on any device (smartphone, tablet and PC/MAC) – No app required
Secure payment method
Test 30 days free of charge and without obligation
Upgrade from PRO to TEAM
Hosting in Germany

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