Buchhaltungs­Butler Integration

BuchhaltungsButler is one of the most advanced accounting software solutions on the market with innovative AI technology. This makes bookkeeping simple and efficient.

The Berlin-based company is attracting more and more small and medium-sized businesses with its numerous smart features:

  • Fast cloud-based accounting software
  • Control and overview – daily KPIs for better decisions
  • By linking online banking or even a PayPal account, BuchhaltungsButler converts transactions into accounting events
  • Smart to-do lists intuitively lead to the correct month-end closing
  • Practical export functions for the tax advisor or directly to ELSTER

BuchhaltungsButler – Transfer travel expenses automatically to the accounting department

Thanks to the interface, you automatically transfer your travel expense reports, receipts and the resulting bookings to your accounting software.

Your advantages with BuchhaltungsButler

A high degree of automation through seamless integration

Efficient & time-saving

Digital and simple instead of paper chaos

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How to connect Spesenfuchs with BuchhaltungsButler

With just a few steps, you can connect your accounting from BuchhaltungsButler to Spesenfuchs and export your travel expense reports.

Set up your Spesenfuchs account

Set up your BuchhaltungsButler account

Open BuchhaltungsButler and open Settings / Interfaces / API Access and activate the interface to Spesenfuchs

Click on the menu of the interface and copy the API Key

Open the interface to BuchhaltungsButler in the export settings of Spesenfuchs

Insert the API Key of BuchhaltungsButler in the corresponding field


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