lexoffice integration

lexoffice is an online software of the German software manufacturer Lexware for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as self-employed and freelancers from all industries. You use it to take care of your business office duties imposed by authorities and organize your accounting.

What users appreciate about lexoffice is the clear user guidance, which does not require any business expertise, the advantages of automation and the mobile, device-independent application. For you, this means comfortably fulfilling the complicated requirements of the authorities, keeping an overview of the finances and having more time for your own core business.

To do this, you use one of three lexoffice versions starting at €7.90 per month plus VAT, which differ from each other in terms of their range of functions. The core functions of all versions are offer and invoice creation, document entry, online banking with payment reconciliation, the dashboard with the financial overview and tax advisor access.

lexoffice – Transfer travel expenses digitally to the accounting department

Thanks to the interface, you automatically transfer your travel expense reports, receipts and the resulting bookings to your accounting software. A wizard ensures that relevant accounts are created for you so that you can then automatically transfer all completed trips to lexoffice.

Your advantages with lexoffice

Clear document management

Do accounting when & where you want

Digital and simple instead of paper chaos

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How to connect Spesenfuchs with lexoffice

With just a few steps you can connect your accounting from lexoffice to Spesenfuchs and export your travel expense reports.

Set up your Spesenfuchs account

Set up your lexoffice account

Open the interface to lexoffice in the export settings of Spesenfuchs.

Click here on Connect to lexoffice and enter your lexoffice access data.


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