DATEV export

With the DATEV export you can easily provide your tax advisor with all relevant booking data of your travel expense reports. DATEV is a common format among tax consultants. Thus, you can be sure that your tax advisor can work with it. And because your tax advisor can post your travel expense reports faster, you save money.

Handover of the receipt images

You no longer have to collect, sort, file, take to the tax advisor and pick up receipts. The pendulum folder is a thing of the past. With Spesenfuchs, the collaboration with your tax advisor becomes efficient and up-to-date. No media breaks, no errors.

In addition to the booking data, you can provide your receipts and travel expense reports digitally in various formats. Your tax consultant can then upload the document images with the accounting data to DATEV for further processing.

DATEV formats

Spesenfuchs offers different DATEV formats for export. This optimizes the cooperation with the tax advisor or the accounting department.

DATEV formats for financial accounting

  • Accounting data in DATEV format with a CSV file – The accounting data is exported according to the selected standard chart of accounts SKR03, SKR04 or individual chart of accounts and your stored accounts.
  • Accounting data in DATEV format with a CSV file and receipt images – The receipt images are also exported and linked to the accounting data.
  • Receipt data with receipt images – your receipts are transferred to your tax advisor’s DATEV accounting software. Along with your receipts, the associated receipt information such as total and tax is also transferred.

DATEV formats for wage

  • Customizable export of all travel data in DATEV LODAS format.
  • Individually configurable export of all travel data in DATEV Lohn und Gehalt format incl. Capital letter M.

Other export formats for further processing of your data

  • Besides the DATEV export, Spesenfuchs offers other export formats. You can further process the exported files in Microsoft Excel, for example.

Advantages of the DATEV export

Data exchange with the tax advisor in the standard data format

Enter all data only 1 time

Export all data with only 1 click

100% digital on demand

More functions