Kontolino! Integration

With Kontolino! freelancers and entrepreneurs always have their business under control and keep the full overview. With its numerous wizards and helpful functions, from invoice creation to asset accounting, as well as with the Elster interface for the advance VAT return, the recapitulative statement and for the EÜR annex, Kontolino! makes everyday business life a whole lot easier. Some Kontolino! users even say that bookkeeping suddenly becomes fun for them.

Kontolino! – Transfer travel expenses digitally to accounting

Kontolino! is always up to date in terms of compliance with regulations such as the GoBD, the current legal situation regarding VAT and the latest Elster forms. Kontolino! also has everything that modern entrepreneurs need with an export interface for the balance sheet figures (commercial balance sheet in accordance with the German Commercial Code) and the list of assets.

The Kontolino! online software is developed and operated in Germany, and support is also based in Ludwigsburg.

Your advantages with Kontolino!

GoBD-compliant management and archiving of your travel receipts and invoices

Your bookings always online accessible – whenever and wherever you like and have time

Paperless from the fuel receipt to the tax office – finally an end to paperwork!

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How to connect Spesenfuchs with Kontolino!

With just a few steps you can connect your accounting from Kontolino! to Spesenfuchs and export your travel expense reports.

Set up your Spesenfuchs account

Set up your Kontolino! Account

In the export settings of Spesenfuchs, open the interface to Kontolino!

Copy the user token from Kontolino!

Add the token in the Spesenfuchs settings


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