sevdesk integration


sevdesk is an online accounting software that offers a digital solution for self-employed, freelancers and small businesses. Accounting tasks, from invoicing to advance VAT returns and income statement to collaboration with the tax advisor, are made easier and more efficient thanks to sevdesk. In doing so, sevdesk relies on automation, artificial intelligence and mobile working through the cloud-based web and smartphone applications.

sevdesk – Transfer travel expenses digitally to the accounting department

Thanks to the interface, you automatically transfer your travel expense reports, receipts and the resulting bookings to your accounting software. A wizard ensures that relevant accounts are created for you so that you can then automatically transfer all completed trips to sevdesk.

Your advantages with sevdesk

Clear document management

Do accounting when & where you want

Digital and simple instead of paper chaos

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How to connect Spesenfuchs with sevdesk

With just a few steps you can connect your accounting from sevdesk to Spesenfuchs and export your travel expense reports.

Set up your Spesenfuchs account

Set up your sevdesk account

Copy the API token of your sevdesk user

Add the token in the Spesenfuchs settings


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