Intelligent input

All functions of Spesenfuchs are available on all end devices. Whether desktop, tablet or mobile. The interface is always the same and intuitive to use.

Spesenfuchs makes entering your data as easy as possible. Some examples:

  • Based on the destination of the trip, Spesenfuchs determines the country or city for the per diem and, if applicable, accommodation allowance. Thus, this does not need to be selected again.
  • Depending on the data entered, Spesenfuchs will make a suggestion for the better option, accommodation flat rate or hotel (only in case of employees).
  • When entering receipts, Spesenfuchs remembers the last entered data and suggests it for the next receipt.
  • Depending on the destinations of the trip, Spesenfuchs suggests only the currencies of these countries. Endless scrolling through hundreds of currencies is not necessary.
  • VAT is proposed on the basis of the document type. Does your document have multiple VAT rates? Then you can conveniently enter them in one operation.

All of the above examples are suggestions that Spesenfuchs makes to simplify your input. Since every travel expense report is different, these values can of course be changed by you if necessary.

More functions