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The Federal Council has approved the Wachstumschancengesetz . The original increase in domestic flat rates was canceled. This means that the previous flat rates for Germany will also apply in 2024.

As of 01.01.2023, the additional meal expenses for travel abroad will increase. The travel allowances for domestic travel do not increase.
The non-cash benefit values will also be increased in 2023.

If you already have to travel on business, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to save on taxes.

On your business trips you incur expenses for food, accommodation & Co. If you prepare a travel expense report, you can claim your travel expenses and have them reimbursed by your employer or save taxes vis-à-vis the tax office. We explain what travel expenses include and how the travel expense software Spesenfuchs supports you.

With the DATEV export you can easily provide your tax advisor with all relevant booking data of your travel expense reports. DATEV is a common format among tax consultants. Thus, you can be sure that your tax advisor can work with it. And because your tax advisor can post your travel expense reports faster, you save money.